Fort Madison, Iowa

Fort Madison’s conversion capabilities provide Climax Molybdenum Company, a subsidiary of Freeport-McMoRan, with the world’s premier source for upgraded molybdenum chemical products.

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River in southeast Iowa, the Ft. Madison facility is the world’s largest and highest quality producer of lubricant grade molybdenum disulfide, sublimed pure molybdic oxide, calcined pure molybdic oxide, ammonium dimolybdate, ammonium heptamolybdate, ammonium octamolybdate, and sodium molybdate.

The Fort Madison chemical plant, operational since late 1977, is an important companion to other conversion and operating facilities of Climax Molybdenum Company. The plant was expanded in 1995, maintaining its status as the largest facility of its type in the world.

A key function of this chemical facility is to supplement the growing family of molybdenum products required for many new applications warranted by the technological merits of molybdenum.

Fort Madison is dedicated to being the highest quality producer in the world and a strong member of the Climax global production team. The efforts to meet or exceed customer requirements have been a prime focus for the high purity products from this location. The efforts and dedication resulted in many customer quality awards.

Since 1993, the plant has been certified to the ISO 9001 International Quality Standard. In 2005, the Fort Madison Management System received certification to the ISO 14001 International Environmental Standard, and in 2006 to the OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Standard.

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