Molybdenum Oxide


The major use of Roasted Molybdenum Concentrate is to add molybdenum to steel produced in the electric arc furnace. The material may be added to the charge or to the molten bath. For the adjustment of the final analysis, the use of Roasted Molybdenum Concentrate is not recommended.

For optimum recovery the following should be observed: If added with the charge, the Roasted Molybdenum Concentrate containing packages should always be covered with scrap or liquid metal. If added to the bath, the product should be introduced under the slag level. If used in the electric arc furnace, direct contact with the electrodes should be avoided.


  • Molybdenum 57.00% min
  • Copper 0.50% max
  • Sulfur 0.10% max
  • Phosphorus 0.05% max

    Certificate of analysis is available for % Mo, Cu, S, and P.

    Size: 4 mesh maximum


Europe U.S.A.
Cans: n/a Cans: 20 lbs
Steel drums: 150 liters (40 gal) / 250 kg Steel drums: 135 liters (35 gal) / 500 lbs
Bags: 1000 kg Bags: 1500 kg